Levi Legend Knop was born to Marshall and Joy Knop on December 11, 2000 and was tragically taken from us on January 29, 2019, just a month after his 18th birthday.  He was on his way to school when he was struck by another driver, pushing his truck into a tree just a few miles from his home.  Levi leaves many friends and family grieving for his loss, but he left an indelible mark on his community that is worth emulating and that will be our focus from here forward–to honor his name and  memory by spreading love, joy and overall kindness… just how Levi lived his life!

The #LiveLikeLevi movement started out of pure love for Levi…the hurt was so great immediately following his death that only love could pull us through.  This website is dedicated to him with hopes it will offer a platform for us to be inspired to be more like Levi. Please join us in this movement!  As Joy has said, ‘spread kindness and love like confetti.  Sprinkle it EVERYWHERE!’

Ramsey 3 rd period
Levi Knop
October 26, 2015

Life’s a Garden, Dig It

“Life’s a garden, dig it”- Joe Dirt. This is one of my favorite quotes from one of my favorite movie characters of all time. This is a very important rule of life in many ways.

One way that this quote is a very important way to look at life is that you have to dig life like in the way where it means you love it. Think of every day as a good thing and just a blessing to have it. In the movie Joe Dirt nothing went right for Joe Dirt. But with this positive outlook on life he could make it through the bad days until he made it to the good ones. That is how more people these days need to be.

There are so many people out there with depression and that aren’t happy with their lives and scientist are saying that the number is only growing. If they had the same outlook that Joe Dirt had then there would probably not be as many people out there with all these problems in their life and there would just be more happy people that enjoy life.

Another way that this quote could be taken is that you have to put in work to get some results. Too much stuff is done automatically, or just handed to people now days. Back in the old days everything was done by hand and people just appreciated the things that they had worked for rather than now days where everything is automatically done or just online where you don’t have to go out
and be social with someone or work for something you can just have it arrive on your doorstep.

What Joe Dirt was saying in the quote was that if you want something done you would have to go out and do it yourself. This is what he meant by saying you have to dig the garden. He didn’t mean that life is an actual garden but more or less it was just meant like if you wanted something done to go out and see to it that it gets done. Say for example that you have always wanted to be a professional sports player.

Then every day you need to get out there and practice. This in a way is digging your garden.

This is planting the seed that one day will grow into a full grown plant. This plant is whatever your dream is. If you work hard every day in your garden of life planting the seed and watering day after day and taking care of it then one day that dream will become reality and on that day you can sit back and look and admire the wonder full garden that you have created.

These ways are the ways that Joe Dirt’s famous quote should be looked at and seen about our everyday life.

This is why it’s a rule of life.